Maximising the potential of your home or investment property with a re-development can be an extremely rewarding process. Our MPW specialist construction division can assist in everything, from minor cosmetic house renovations to complete home restorations, from the addition of a granny flat to the construction of duplex, triplex and multi unit development projects.

We are experts in locating development sites in growth areas and overseeing the entire construction project on your behalf. Contract reviews, purchase negotiations, finance approval for purchase and construction loans, council approvals, the demolition of the existing dwelling and the subsequent construction under a fixed price contract from a qualified builder is all included in the service.

Clients who have used the My Property Developer service, experience peace of mind knowing they have a team of experts on board to help maximise their property development experience and outcome.

A significant financial reward can be achieved within multi dwelling developments, however, there are numerous precautions and steps that must be considered before those results are obtained.

My Property Wealth will guide you through this complicated, challenging  and complex process.

My Property Developer

We show you how to make the best use of your land and how you can provide an investment income from a second property. Whether you’re looking to add a granny flat, renovate your existing home or develop a multi-storey block of apartments, My Property Developer can assist you throughout this sometimes complex process. We provide guidance or we can oversee the entire project on your behalf.

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My Property Finder

This is our buyer’s agent division. We provide strategic advice to buyers and investors on how to find the property that best suits their needs, identifying property hotspots and growth areas for investment. We can also negotiate on your behalf and bid at auction. Finding the right property can be very challenging, My Property Finder will ensure the entire process of purchasing a property is a stress free transaction.

My Finance Agent

This is our mortgage broker division. The focus of My Finance Agent is to source the most competitive mortgage rate available, with the greatest loan flexibility dependent on your specific needs and goals. My Finance Agent can assist you with property investment loans, construction loans, financial planning, self-managed superannuation funds, car loans, equipment finance, accounting and conveyancing.

My Granny Flat

If your home or investment property meets the requirements of the current legislation, you may be able to add a granny flat at the rear of the existing dwelling. When considering which granny flat meets your specific and desired criteria, it is extremely important not to adopt a one size fits all approach. My Property Wealth has access to a vast range of turn-key designs and sizes with options to suit any style and budget.