My Property Coach

Do you want to buy your own home or invest in property, but not sure where to start?

A property coach does not just advise when to buy and sell. Mortgage planning, property management, depreciation schedules, income protection, property insurance must all be considered for any property investment.

You can tap into more than 20 years of real estate industry expertise as we have personally bought, sold and developed a multitude of properties, making many mistakes along the way. My Property Coach allows you to benefit from our experience so that you avoid the potential pitfalls of property ownership and investment.

My Property Wealth will conduct an initial two hour consultation where your specific needs will be determined coupled with your potential for investment and borrowing capacity. You will also be provided with on-going guidance throughout your property investment journey, not only when to buy and when to sell, but how to protect your valuable investments.

My Property Coach is an on-going education and training service provided free of charge to all clients.

Having an experienced property mentor is not only advisable in order for you to reach financial freedom through property investment, it is absolutely imperative

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