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Our My Property Finder service provides strategic advice to anyone looking at purchasing a property, either as their own home or as an investment. Finding the right property can be very challenging, but My Property Finder can assist you in making the process of purchasing a property a smooth one.

We act as buyer’s agents and can negotiate on your behalf or bid at auction.

We assist all property investors (First Home Buyers to sophisticated developers) to acquire a particular property, guiding you through the options available for finance, advising on where to buy for long-term capital gain, locating a suitable home, negotiating on your behalf and easing concerns about the entire ownership and investment process.

As an investor, wouldn’t you like to identify property hotspots and growth areas? Following are some recent success stories:

  • Properties purchased utilising our experience and advice – located within the Western Sydney growth corridor, saw 75% capital growth within 3 years
  • Properties purchased in Victoria saw 40% capital growth within 12 months
  • Prior to the surge in prices, we successfully negotiated the purchase of several properties in the No. 1 capital growth suburb of 2014 (as outlined by Residex)

Time and time again, our buyer’s agents have successfully identified property investment hot-spots which obtained significant capital growth within a short period of time. Some of the secrets of how these suburbs are identified will be outlined during the free one on one property coaching sessions.

We also provide advice on purchasing the right product for your individual requirements, locating a suitable development site, plus ongoing advice on expanding your portfolio and when to sell.

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